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As I Lay Drying
Lung Dart
PRAH Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 2, 2016

Lung Dart are Tim Clay and James Rapson - together they make textural, layered music that’s deeply soulful and melancholic, utilising live instrumentation as well as field recordings captured on their phones ranging from sounds of the bowels of Wembley Stadium at 4am to the bellowing wind coming off the Leicestershire hills and broken machinery. The result is a collage of sound inspired by the likes of Arthur Russell, Bjork, Lonnie Holley and Scott Walker, with hints of Connan Mocakasin, Windy & Carl and James Blake all influenced and shaped by the world at large.

Sat at home, the pair also spend hours trawling through YouTube for inspiration, utilising samples ranging from clips of Alan Lomax archive footage to ASMR video. The pair say, “We wanted the freedom to explore as many musical directions as we could, representing both the abundance of material at our fingertips, whilst also illustrating the sense of claustrophobia, detachment and fickleness that can easily coincide when flicking between 100 tabs on your screen or finding yourself 2 hours deep into a YouTube rabbit hole.”

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Healthy Functional Tissue 3:06 Buy

    Healthy Functional Tissue

  2. 2 Totem 4:25 Buy


  3. 3 Please Font Worry 2:00 Buy

    Please Font Worry

  4. 4 One Day You Just Stop 2:09 Buy

    One Day You Just Stop

  5. 5 Wrung Out 2:46 Buy

    Wrung Out

  6. 6 Reverse 1 (A Whim) 2:49 Buy

    Reverse 1 (A Whim)

  7. 7 Caliope 1:32 Buy


  8. 8 Tuvalu 3:16 Buy


  9. 9 People Die, Things Last Forever 2:32 Buy

    People Die, Things Last Forever

  10. 10 Squeeze 3:57 Buy


Lung Dart

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